Data sets for human connectomics

Human Connectome Project

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) provides high-quality MRI data from more than 1,200 young healthy individuals, coupled with behavioral and genetic information [@].

Healthy Brain Network (HBN)

The HBN data is an incredible resource containing thousands of subjects with diffusion MRI, behavioral measures and clinical assessments and a great data useage agreement.

Alexander LM, et al. (2017) Data Descriptor : An open resource for transdiagnostic research in pediatric mental health and learning disorders. 1–26.

Developing Connectome Project




UK Biobank

A paragon of this kind of data collection is the NIH-funded Several other ongoing studies are currently amassing datasets with many thousands of individuals: The Healthy Brain Network study [^1] and Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study [^2] will each collect cross-sectional and longitudinal data from approximately 10,000 children during their development, together with detailed information about their cognitive and mental health development. The UK Biobank will eventually provide access to MRI measurements from approximately 100,000 individuals [^3]. Many other projects are also collecting very large datasets on a variety of clinical populations. This trend is not likely to abate, as the field is becoming increasingly aware that large samples are crucial for reproducibility and for accurate inferences about the role of brain structure and function in complex behaviors and in mental and neurological health [^4]. In fact, these datasets are already having a profound impact on neuroscience as data-driven methods are employed to illuminate the biological underpinnings of human brain health in new and important ways.