Related projects (ours and other)

pyAFQ paper

We are developing a paper about pyAFQ. Some of the scripts used to produce plots in the paper can be found here:


dMRIPrep is a robust and easy-to-use pipeline for preprocessing of diverse dMRI data. The transparent workflow dispenses of manual intervention, thereby ensuring the reproducibility of the results.


Diffusion imaging in Python is a software library for analysis of diffusion MRI, and for computational neuroanatomy. We heavily rely on DIPY in everythng that we do.


Free unified rendering in Python is a software library for fast, performant interactive and composable visualization of scientific data. This library is a DIPY spin off, that now extends well beyond neuroscience applications.


Cloudknot is a python library designed to run your existing python code on AWS Batch.


The Brain Imaging Data Structure is a specification that describes how to organize and query datasets of brain imaging data. In our work, we rely on BIDS and extend it to organize derivatives from our analysis software.