We maintain a pangeo-powered Jupyterhub at XXX.

To gain access to this hub, please ask Ariel to add you to the NRDG GitHub organization. Please make sure that your membership in the organization is set to public. That can be adjusted on this page.

Installing other software

The computational environment in the hub is managed through a Docker configuration that is stored in its own repo. To add more conda-installed dependencies, submit a PR with changes to the environment.yml file. The format of this file is explained here. If you need something installed using Aptitude, please add that to the apt.txt file. This file contains one package per line. Imagine you are running sudo apt-get install $x for each line of the file. Additional arbitrary command line commands can be run by including them in the postBuild file, so if there's something not covered by conda and apt, add it in there. For now, we don't have automated builds for this, so once the changes are merged, someone (Ariel, probably) will have to pull the changes build the Docker image and then upload that into the hub.



Starting and using dask clusters in the hub